Ask anybody: What makes a real engineer?
And everybody will answer: A real engineer is one who designs bridges!

For that reason alone and despite all the other designs ISC has produced, ISC consists of real engineers. ISC designs bridges, many bridges.
Large and small, long and short, wide and narrow, high and low, fixed and moveable. Everywhere. Throughout the World.

By the way, the definition is not quite true – bridges may be tricky, but house building can be far more complicated and demands the co-ordination of a number of engineering disciplines.

Anker Engelund, one of Denmark’s great bridge-engineers is quoted for the following statement: There are only two requirements to a bridge, it needs to be long enough and it must have a railing.

For ISC bridge building started modestly with a pedestrian bridge designed with a simple and maintenance friendly steel box girder. It was followed by numerous similar designs.

Since then miles and miles of fantastic, winding and curving conveyor bridges have been designed on Sumatra – through the jungle to the harbour – and other equally complicated in Tunisia, Mexico, Tanzania, Vietnam and others.

In domestic regions we would like to call attention to the swing bridge at Næstved, The bridges to the new Opera House in Copenhagen and of course the Oresund Bridge.

With the bridges crossing the Great Belt and the Oresund (the latter bringing the European Steel Design Award to ISC for the fifth time) it is no longer necessary to sail, if you in Södertälje feel an urge to stroll on Unter den Linden or make a trip from Lapland to the heel of Italy.

Now you can drive all the way.


Tvis Creek – Motor Road Bridge

Sundsvall Bridge

The Øresund Bridge

Odins Bridge

The Teglvaerks Bridge