Future residential facilities in Hareskoven


ISC Consulting Engineers, shall in cooperation with CREO Architects, Realtors Damsager P/S and JAJA Architects develops a future residential facility in Hareskoven for children and young people with autism.

The proposal has been based on the current building with two wings, which form a distinct arrival situation while shielding residential accommodation from the road and neighbors.

The two wings opens up towards southwest and the green surroundings and creates the frames for fantastic outdoor areas directly linked to Hareskoven. Residents who will be staying at the new residential facility should first of all feel at home. The home feeling is a broad concept, but safety, intimacy and well-adjusted spaces are central themes where home is also linked to something that is your own, something you share only with your closest people.

As focal points in the area – from the main entrance to the common functions and living rooms – we work with larger openings onto the green surroundings as well as large roof cassettes, which gives a beautiful light in the central parts of the building. Variations in the amount of light and ceiling height signals specific spatial features and focal points in the development.

The building utilizes the heavy terrain downhill in terms of the two levels. In the transition between the two floors, we propose a large patio which draws light and green qualities into the building’s central areas. The patio is part of the residential facilities intimate outdoor areas which also provides a beautiful focal point for the “every day” of the building.