Capabilities Electric

Core Competences

  • Project planning & management
  • Concept FEED studies
  • Detailed Electrical, Instrument, Telecom & Automation engineering
  • Installations in areas with explosive atmosphere (ATEX etc.)


  • Engineering consultancy
  • Technical customer support
  • Site support & offshore surveys.


  • Electrical low voltage and high voltage systems.
  • Instrumentation systems,
  • Process control systems (SCADA),
  • Security systems ESD, HIPS and Fire & Gas,
  • Refrigeration and HVAC systems,
  • Electrical motors,
  • Frequency converters,
  • UPS systems & Generator systems (emergency & standby),
  • Lighting systems: normal, emergency, backup and escape route lighting,
  • All types of connected electrical equipment,
  • E&I systems – Hardware and software interface,
  • Security systems – Fire, gas, smoke, escape routes both active and passive,
  • Optimization / simplification of systems to minimize costs,
  • Functional safety assessment.

Project Support

  • Supervision at manufacturing sites and construction sites,
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with other disciplines both in-house and with external cooperation partners (piping, process, structure, external suppliers & vendors etc.),
  • Technical review of external vendor documentation,
  • Organization and participation in project follow-up meetings, HAZID & HAZOP,
  • Organization and Participation in Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).

Design documentation

Preparation of design documentation such as:

Overall and detailed Layouts for sites and platforms, plan and elevation drawings in 2D and 3D as well as complete 3D models of platform layout incl. components etc.

Tender documents.

Detailed calculation reports.

Detailed installation procedures and switch-over procedures.

Operation and maintenance documentation.

Improvement / optimization reports.

All types of electrical, instrumentation and F&G documents such as data sheets, block diagrams, overall Single line, circuit diagrams and control schematics, connection drawings (termination, interconnection and loop diagrams), instrument and signal lists, cable lists, material lists etc.

Detailed calculation reports for voltage drop, short circuit Ikmin & ikmax.

Intrinsic Safety Evaluation reports (ATEX/IEC).

Level studies & Calculations of calibration values.

Detailed light calculations with 3D models of placement and coverage.

Hazardous area classification drawings with list of sources of release and hazardous substances.

Breaker calculation & settings including selectivity analyses and load calculations.

UPS systems & diesel generator power supply design and specifications.

Fire and Gas as well as instrumentation cause & effect diagrams.

Hook-up drawings for hydraulic, pneumatic, process connections, etc.