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Power 2 H2: Ny aftale om anlæg til brintproduktion og brintlagring


Largest offshore substation contract awarded in Taiwan


ISC at the forefront of offshore wind in New Zealand



Infrastructure ties our society together. Roads, bridges, railroads, tunnels, airports, cabling – yes pretty much everything. We all want to get to work quickly, visit family, and be able to transport ourselves around as easy and smoothly as possible.

The construction of it all should also take place with a minimum of interference, and should also blend into the environment. It must last for many years ahead and just function and be socioeconomically sound.

ISC entered the offshore wind business with the development and design of the offshore substation for the worlds first offshore wind farm in 2003. This design by ISC has formed the basis for almost all offshore wind farm substations built today.

ISC´s key competence derives from the ability to undertake the complete range of tasks associated with substation design, from FEED/concept design through detailed design, tender documents, assistance during fabrication and installation and commissioning phase, site supervision and follow up.

ISC provides independent engineering both directly for wind farm owners and developers as well as for EPCI contractors.

ISC Consulting Engineers has more than 50 years of experience in design and overall client consultancy within building and construction. Our engineers has a high level of knowledge and years of experience in delivering total solutions from idea, EIA reports,  structural design, construction, installation to finished building.

We use state-of-the-art technology for solving the tasks and work in accordance with government requirements for digital construction.

Advisory services are always carried out taking into account environmental requirements for sustainable construction.

ISC has a number of certified employees with statistic recognition, which, through ongoing control, can ensure faster governmental management of current buildings.

Mercantec - Viborg

ISC has more than 38 years’ experience in the offshore marine sector providing design for offshore oil and gas facilities. ISC has carried out assignments for offshore oil and gas installations in Denmark, Norway, the Arabian Gulf as well as in other countries around the world.

We offer our unique know-how in the field of planning and design offshore facilities and instalments comprising jackets, topsides, foundations, bridges, Texas decks, cranes, piping, process, buoyancy systems, transformer platforms, sea transport and sea fastening systems.

Tyra platform

In the early days of industrialism more than a century ago, an industrial plant often contained an imposing main building – with more than just offices – and in addition to that a Klondike of odd shaped building volumes budding and deliberately hidden behind the dignified main building, but distinctly signaling the nature and purpose of the factory’s activities.

In Denmark as well as abroad you will find surprisingly much excellent architecture hidden in these firmly built administrative buildings and production buildings indicating what is manufactured and how the process is conducted. Often a fundamental beauty in itself.

Industri ISC



Lille Langebro

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UK Project

The UK Project is to be situated 22km off the north-east coast of Scotland. It is to have a production capacity of 950 MW.

Albatros Offshore wind farm

The Albatros OTM offshore wind farm is located in the German bight, 105km from the German coast. The offshore substation enables approximately 117MW of clean energy to be sent ashore.

Mercantec - Viborg

Mercantec – Viborg

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Holbæk Sports Village

ISC shall in cooperation with turnkey contractor Morten C. Henriksen A/S, HM-Gruppen A/S, Kullegaard Architects A/S, CSK Stålindustri A/S, OBH, Torkil Laursen A/S, Riis Akustik ApS, Kragh & Berglund A/S, Dish A/S carry out design and building of Holbæk Sport Village.