German Bight





The Albatros OTM offshore wind farm is located in the German bight, 105km from the German coast. The offshore substation enables approximately 117MW of clean energy to be sent ashore.

The innovative Albatros substation (Siemens OTM) is developed by ISC for Siemens and is based upon two open deck structures with a containerized solution for control rooms, GIS and day crew rooms. The HV transformer and shunt reactors are placed outside on the top deck. The substation is supported on a monopile/TP.

This innovative substation by ISC and Siemens is based upon a minimalistic design approached with a reduced amount of axillary systems.

A winch area is placed on top of one of the containers allowing winching operations by a helicopter. The total weight of the topside structure is 792 tones.

Foto 1: Siemens / Foto 3 and 4: Geosea/ENBW


German Bight





Enghave Station

The Copenhagen city rail is characterised by an intensive use every day by many people, to whom this connection is a necessary part of the daily transport to and from work – or just to and from the City.

Railway Bridges at Kopmannebro, Sweden

The Swedish Railway Authorities, Western Region (Banverket, Västre Region), have had two new bridges built on the rail line from Aamaal to Mellerud along the shore of the lake Vänern. The two new bridges replace the existing worn out bridges crossing the canals of Dalslands-Kanal and Gamla Segelleden respectively.

Mestervig Airport

The AFIS Tower built in Mestersvig Airport in Northeast Greenland in 1977, was a special challenge as it had to be built in just 3 months during the summer time to late October. The tower was designed as “builder’s element kit” which had to be transported to Mestersvig Airport by the one ship that arrived to the East coast every summer.

Service Centre – Hundige, Denmark

The new service centre in Hundige supplements the existing operational preparation facilities in Taastrup, in such a way that DSB city trains in the future are capable of delivering a better city train product for their passengers.

Baldersbrønde Pedestrian Steel Bridge

ISC has for the Municipality of Høje Taastrup designed a new pedestrian steel bridge crossing Roskildevej at Baldersbrønde. The original steel bridge was hit by a truck where the driver had forgotten to lower the crane. Thus a replacement of the bridge was necessary.

Pedestrian Bridges, Gladsaxe Ring Road And Fredericia

The pedestrian bridge crossing Gladsaxe Ring Road next to Buddinge has been established to obtain a safe way to Gladsaxe Senior School. Gladsaxe Ring Road is a four-lane road with a central strip, which is why the bridge is carried out with a span of 2 x 17 m.

Path and Road Bridges for the Inner Harbour in Copenhagen

For CG Jensen A/S har vi den seneste årrække detailprojekteret og udført værkstedstegninger til et større antal sti- og vejbroer til Københavns Inderhavn.

Lille Langebro

Gang- og cykelbro over inderhavnen i forlængende af Vester Voldgade lidt syd for langebro. Den er udført som en dobbelt svingbro der er momentstiv i midten.

“Hærvejsbroen” – Viborg Banebro

ISC Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S har i samarbejde med Cubo Arkitekter, Møller & Grønborg A/S,  Dansk Energimanagement & Esbensen A/S samt specialkonsulenterne Frie Jernbanekonsulenter og Niras projekteret Viborg baneby og gymnasium.

Dalbro - Tvis Å

Dalbro – Tvis Å

I sommeren 2015 vandt ISC/Per Aarsleff opførelsen af Dalbroen over Tvis Å i totalentreprise. Broen er en del af Vejdirektoratets igangværende motorvejsbyggeri på strækningen Herning-Holstebro.

TP30 Ringstedbanen

ISC har projekteret Danmarks første komposit jernbanebro. Broen er en 512 meter lang jernbanebro og en del af Banedanmarks nye højhastighedsbane mellem København og Ringsted.

Odins Bridge

The new bridge crossing the Odense Canal on the island Funen Denmark is named Odins Bridge. Odin was a god in Nordic mythology and gave the name to the city of Odense. The bridge has closed a long missed gap in the infrastructure of the road system surrounding Odense which is the third largest city in Denmark.

6 Bridges To The Island Of The New Opera House, CPH

The Dock Island by the Naval Shipyard used to belong to the Danish Naval Fleet. In connection with the plan for locating the new Opera House, the Dock Island was separated from the adjacent islands called the South Island and the North Island by 2 artificial canals.

North River Bridge, Thule

The new North River Bridge is supposedly the most northerly built bridge of that size at the latitude of 77°. The bridge with 60 m span crosses the North River, which runs parallel with the runway in Thule Airport. The bridge replaces a shorter 23 m span truss bridge, which was destroyed during a flood in the autumn of 2001.

Bus Maintenance Centre Ballerup

The bus maintenance centre located in Ballerup north of Copenhagen, has a capacity to handle and park approx. 80 busses. The building comprises of a bus maintenance shop, bus cleaning facilities, a storage, an administration and canteen building and a centre hall, all of them including a basement.