A new bridge in a sequel of bridges in Enghave and Teglholmen designed by ISC has been installed. ISC has designed the bridge superstructure and substructure for turnkey contractor CG Jensen A/S. The urbanization on Enghave Brygge is still going on, and the residential building is shooting up all over in between newly established canals.

Apart from designing this bridge for this expanding area, ISC has designed two road bridges and two pedestrian bridges, which have all been installed, as well.

Since this summer ISC has also worked on the design of the next bridge package for Enghave Brygge – also with CG Jensen as the turnkey contractor. The package comprises design of pile-supported abutments for 3 road bridges and design for 5 pedestrian bridges incl. foundation – this also includes a bascule bridge.

Since 2013 ISC has designed 7 road bridges incl. pile supported abutments, 3 pile supported road abutments, 9 pedestrian bridges and 3 bascule pedestrian bridges with CG Jensen for the South Copenhagen harbour area which is being profoundly urbanized.

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