We are always in search of new competent and dedicated colleagues,
We currently have the following open positions at our offices in Denmark and New Zealand.

Open positions


Konstruktionsingeniør til design af offshore konstruktioner, Vindenergi

Vil du være med til at forme fremtiden og vil du være en del af den hurtigt voksende vedvarende energi bølge?

Opgaverne er primært indenfor Offshore Vindprojekter. Opgaverne omfatter typisk konstruktioner til komplette topsides samt substructures. Arbejdet udføres i tæt samarbejde i projektgrupper og der samarbejdes med ingeniører fra andre faggrupper samt vore klienter i ind- og udland. (more…)



Konstruktionsingeniør til ISC Kolding

Vi har heldigvis travlt med mange spændende opgaver og søger derfor en dygtig konstruktionsingeniør til vores afdeling i Kolding, med interesse for statik, konstruktioner og FEM modellering. Opgaverne er primært indenfor husbygning og industri. Vi beskæftiger os dog med flere rådgivningsopgaver både onshore og offshore.




At ISC we are always ready to hire new qualified employees – both the new graduates and the experienced – in all our branch offices.

We offer a range of different jobs, both regarding content, technical challenge, severity and timespan – issues that all make the day self-motivating and interesting. Send an application with exam papers, CV and other relevant papers to mha@isc.dk

Job at ISC

What is it that makes ISC an appealing place to work? One of the answers we get: the variety of the assignments. This is a statement of the fact that being an engineer is both rewarding and motivating.

At ISC, the assignments vary considerably in substance, complexity and duration and this motivates the true engineer. Some days are spent alone, with a small task to be solved – either because it is a small assignment or because it is an assignment that demands your unique know-how. Other days you might be part of a large design group, consisting of both Danish and international specialists, each with essential know-how in their various fields.

The days can be spent either in the office or in the field supervising a building site, or maybe at meetings with architects and contractors. An inspiring and challenging part of the job (as you become familiar with the different culture of other companies and other trades and professions) is to acknowledge differences both technically and socially, for the actual project to turn out exactly right.

This is essential whether it is about a company that manufactures small devices or constructs ships; if it is a bus or aircraft maintenance hall; if it is the production of cement or the purification of the exhaust gas from the cement plant; the building of small houses in a town in Denmark or huge plants in Southeast Asia; if oil and gas are to be hauled up from the North Sea or water to be cleansed in Greenland; or if we "just" need to obtain a thorough understanding of how an airport or an airline company work both individually and together.

An important contrast to the engineer’s dry figures and factual calculations is the cooperation with creative architects. They have a different and truly inspiring view of the solution to a problem when aesthetics and technology have to form a synthesis and a total commitment to the mission.Assignments at home one moment and abroad the next – an opportunity to test your language skills. Adventures in foreign and exotic countries might lay ahead in form of a posting for a shorter or longer period of time: an opportunity to experience foreign cultures and completely different technical and economic circumstances. Here you are responsible for representing not only ISC but also Denmark and our traditions and skills abroad.

However, one never knows what it might lead to: on an assignment to Mongolia, an ISC employee was given a horse – as it is customary in those parts of the world. It is still there, just waiting for another ISC employee to pass by.

The professional environment at ISC is strong, comprehensive and truly inspiring. Due to the variety of assignments, many have obtained a lot of specialized knowledge in many peculiar topics throughout the years; and as the whole organization is founded as a unit without egocentric success criteria, the obtained skills are widely shared.

As the number of employees increases from just a handful to several hundred, a company will naturally start to reflect society and represent a whole range of ongoing changes.

It gives an understanding of what is needed to make the wheels turn and how to generate a pleasant working environment.

This we benefit from at ISC – we are good colleagues. The tone is pleasant, and the tolerance is high: we respect people’s differences regarding skills, culture and individualism, in the mutual understanding that everybody will take their part in contributing so that tasks can be solved in the best possible way.Advice is given when needed, regardless of the subject.

The communication among us is good, both professionally and on personal matters. Weekly electronic newsletters, intranet and information meetings on a regular basis keep us up-to-date on everything that goes on at ISC.

We are also able to discuss other things than just the daily technical matters. Leisure activities are part of being good colleagues too. Here we have a chance to meet and get to know the people we work with but never get to talk to.

We know that help is there if needed and we know that ISC cares, should illness strike – in short, we are a good team and we have a good coach. Of course, we have problems – this is inevitable when many people have to act together, with assignments to be executed and deadlines to be kept every day.However, we solve the problems that might occur, instantly and with grace: like with our assignments, no fuss is made.

We are a cohesive unit and are proud to be part of a team that accomplishes things and gets to see the results.