Gas Module Tyra West

The appraisal of the Halfdan NE gas reservoir and the European open gas marked intention have formed the initial basis for establishing a 26″ pipeline running 99 km from the Danish sector towards the Dutch sector vie the NOGAT F3 platform and further on to shore at Holland for distribution. The pipeline is owned by DUC and DONG Naturgas and is operated by Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S.


Halfdan BD

Halfdan BD platform is the latest addition to the Halfdan B Complex in the Danish North Sea. The platform upgrades the complex to manned operation and provides facilities to handle extraction of oil reserves with high water contents. (more…)

Dan FG

The latest platform installed in the Dan field in the Danish North Sea is Dan FG. This platform increases the 300 bar water injection in the old Dan and Halfdan oil fields, thereby maintaining the pressure from the oil production. (more…)

Dai Hung Mid Depth Buoys

Drilling for oil and gas in deep water is usually done by means of semi- submersible rigs. This is also the case in the Dai Hung oilfield, located in Block 05-01a, approximately 250 km of the coast of Vietnam at a water depth of approximately 110 m. (more…)

Nini East

The Nini East A Platform was installed in summer 2009 as a satellite platform to Siri. Nini East A is solely a production platform producing for Siri. Dong Energy A/S operates the Siri platform and the adjoining platforms.


Tyra platform

Tyra Southeast B

During the summer of 2014 the Tyra Southeast B platform was installed on a 4-legged jacket as a satellite platform connected via a bridge to the Tyra Southeast A platform. The installation of the Tyra Southeast platform and bridge will maintain and increase the production from the Tyra Southeast reservoir, and create opportunities for future recovery of oil and gas from the Nana reservoir.


Maersk Drilling XLE Rigs

The Maersk Drilling XLE rigs is a series of four ultra harsh environment jack-up drilling rigs. The rigs were delivered from shipyards in The Far East and transported to Norway for a start-up stay for installation of Company equipment.


Maersk Drilling JU-rig

The YME field in Norway was redeveloped in 2008-2010 by Talisman. A storage tank was placed on the seabed 95m below sea level. An OD 5m caisson, protecting the future 9 conductors, connected to the tank, extended 25m above sea level.