Rigshospitalet – Nordfløjen Fase 2

For the Capital Region of Denmark, ISC Consulting Engineers A/S has designed “Nordfløjen” (the North Wing), a new building for treatment at Rigshospitalet (a highly specialised hospital in Denmark). The project was carried out in collaboration with CREO Arkitekter A/S og 5E Byg A/S as partners.   (more…)

Maritimt Aktivitets Hus, Røsnæs Rundt

Activity house – “Around Roesnaes”

The Maritime Activity house is a part of the project “Around Roesnaes” (more…)

CPH Airport CSC Phase II

The CSC project phase 2 is an important component in the growth plan “Expanding CPH” which will ensure an increase in the airport’s capacity going from a capacity of 25 million passengers, allowing 40 million passengers through on a yearly basis. 

Lille Langebro

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UK Project

The UK Project is to be situated 22km off the north-east coast of Scotland.  It is to have a production capacity of 950 MW. (more…)

Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm

ISC carries out the detailed design of the world’s biggest offshore substation Hornsea 2.


Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm will be located 32 km off the Lincolnshire coast and 50 km off the coast of North Norfolk. (more…)

Albatros Offshore wind farm

The Albatros OTM offshore wind farm is located in the German bight, 105km from the German coast. The offshore substation enables approximately 117MW of clean energy to be sent ashore.


Tværkajen Odense

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Mercantec - Viborg

Mercantec – Viborg

ISC Consulting Engineers A/S has in collaboration with Cubo ArkitekterMøller & Grønborg A/S, Dansk Energimanagement & Esbensen A/S as well as the special consultant Frie Jernbanekonsulenter and Niras designed Viborg Baneby and Gymnasium.  (more…)

Kriegers Flak

The Kriegers Flak A & B/E offshore wind farms are located in the Danish Baltic sea. Kriegers Flak A & B/E will generate up to 200/400 MW.


Rentel Offshore Wind Farm

Rentel NV is developing the 300 MW Rentel Offshore Wind Farm (REN) located on the Belgium Continental Shelf approximately 40 km from Oostende on the Belgium coast. STX France delivers the offshore substation. The offshore substation is delivered by STX France under an EPCI contract to Rentel NV. (more…)

Holbæk Sports Village

ISC has in cooperation with turnkey contractor Morten C. Henriksen A/S, HM-Gruppen A/S, Kullegaard Architects A/S, CSK Stålindustri A/S, OBH, Torkil Laursen A/S, Riis Akustik ApS, Kragh & Berglund A/S, Dish A/S carried out design and building of The Holbæk Sport Village.


Greve Gymnasium

ISC has in cooperation with GPP Architects won the design competition on a new sport arena, fitness and study facilities for Greve Gymnasium. ISC handles design, tenders, contracts, project monitoring and technical supervision. (more…)

“Hærvejsbroen” – Viborg Banebro

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Frederiksbrygge – P-hus & Dagligvarebutik

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Sofieskolen i Bagsværd

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The Nordsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm

The Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm is located in the German Bight, 35km from the Isle of Helgoland. The offshore substation enables 295MW of clean energy to be sent ashore and power up to 320,000 households.


Dalbro - Tvis Å

Dalbro – Tvis Å

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TP30 Ringstedbanen

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Odins Bridge

The new bridge crossing the Odense Canal on the island Funen Denmark is named Odins Bridge. Odin was a god in Nordic mythology and gave the name to the city of Odense. The bridge has closed a long missed gap in the infrastructure of the road system surrounding Odense which is the third largest city in Denmark.


6 Bridges To The Island Of The New Opera House, CPH

The Dock Island by the Naval Shipyard used to belong to the Danish Naval Fleet. In connection with the plan for locating the new Opera House, the Dock Island was separated from the adjacent islands called the South Island and the North Island by 2 artificial canals.


Snekkersten, New Waterworks

ISC Consulting Engineers A/S has in cooperation with a team consisting of turnekey contractor Krüger, contractor CC Bruun Enterprise and Gottlieb Paludan Architects won the turnkey contract for the new waterworks in Snekkersten in competition.


Lillgrund Windpower Plant

Seven kilometers off the Swedish coast just south of the navigational passage of the Oresund Bridge is located Lillgrund, a shallow area ideal for placing a windmill farm consisting of 48 offshore turbines and a transformer platform. Vattenfall AB will be contractors on the project. (more…)

Gas Module Tyra West

The appraisal of the Halfdan NE gas reservoir and the European open gas marked intention have formed the initial basis for establishing a 26″ pipeline running 99 km from the Danish sector towards the Dutch sector vie the NOGAT F3 platform and further on to shore at Holland for distribution. The pipeline is owned by DUC and DONG Naturgas and is operated by Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S.


Sundsvall Bridge

The Sundsvall Bridge crosses the Sundsvall Fjord with a total length of 1,420 m as part of the new eastern highway in Sweden. The contract was won in a European competition, by PBM Joint Venture with ISC Consulting Engineers A/S as designers for the bridge superstructure.


Halfdan BD

Halfdan BD platform is the latest addition to the Halfdan B Complex in the Danish North Sea. The platform upgrades the complex to manned operation and provides facilities to handle extraction of oil reserves with high water contents. (more…)

Nini East

The Nini East A Platform was installed in summer 2009 as a satellite platform to Siri. Nini East A is solely a production platform producing for Siri. Dong Energy A/S operates the Siri platform and the adjoining platforms.


Tyra platform

Tyra Southeast B

During the summer of 2014 the Tyra Southeast B platform was installed on a 4-legged jacket as a satellite platform connected via a bridge to the Tyra Southeast A platform. The installation of the Tyra Southeast platform and bridge will maintain and increase the production from the Tyra Southeast reservoir, and create opportunities for future recovery of oil and gas from the Nana reservoir.


The Øresund Bridge

Sweden and Denmark have been joined across the Øresund by a road and rail link with a sequence of a bridge, an artificial island, a tunnel and an artificial peninsula giving a total length of 15.8 km. The bridge is 7.8 km long.


Broer over Teglholmen

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Stibro Teglholmen

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Currently not available in english. (more…)

Nordsee One

ISC has carried out the detailed design on the Nordsee one substation. The topside is placed on a traditional four-legged jacket in 28 m water approximately 47.3 km off the German coast. The substation has a capacity of 324 MW. (more…)

Horns Rev 2 Vindmøllepark

Currently not available in english. (more…)

P-hus Sønderborg

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Sandbank offshore wind farm

The Sandbank offshore wind farm is located in the German North Sea, 90km west of the island of Sylt. With 288 MW of output. The Sandbank topside is designed as a multi-story steel structure with five decks, including a cellar deck positioned on the top of the jacket structure for cable pulling and cable hang-off.


Maersk Drilling XLE Rigs

The Maersk Drilling XLE rigs is a series of four ultra harsh environment jack-up drilling rigs. The rigs were delivered from shipyards in The Far East and transported to Norway for a start-up stay for installation of Company equipment.


Maersk Drilling JU-rig

The YME field in Norway was redeveloped in 2008-2010 by Talisman. A storage tank was placed on the seabed 95m below sea level. An OD 5m caisson, protecting the future 9 conductors, connected to the tank, extended 25m above sea level.