Horsens City Mall


A group consisting of ISC Consulting Engineers A/S, Schaumann Properties, PLH Architect, ICP A/S and Hasløv & Kjærsgaard has been prequalified to tender Horsens City Mall, which will consist of a culture center, a shopping mall and a number of housings. The Mall will be situated on the former Danish Crown grounds.

The culture center will include a library, a music school and two theatres, meeting facilities and a educational mediacenter all in all 10.000 m2. The shopping mall amount to approximately 35.000 m2 and 25.000 m2 is to be housing and office facilities – a total of 70.000 m2.

further information:

Mr. Hilmer Jung Larsen

ISC Consulting Engineers A/S
tel + 45 35 27 88 00

NEWS 2007

Horsens City Mall




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