Photo credit: Bladt Industries

We are proud to have participated in providing the engineering design for the Kaskasi 2 substation together with our partners Semco and Bladt Industries and the RWE project team.

This is a worthy follow-up to our previous successful projects together – the Nordsee One and Nordsee OST Substations. It is always a pleasure for our team to work with RWE.

The project has been underway for quite a while, so the excitement is huge due to the successful installation of both substructure and topside in late March 2022.

“Seeing structures like this being built and installed – Is why we all became engineers,” says Head of Offshore Substructures & Geotechnics, Torben Løkkegaard, with a big smile and continues, “We’ve worked on this baby since 2016, and a lot of passion and effort has been put into it.”

The Kaskasi offshore wind farm counts 32 wind turbines in total and one substation and will generate energy for around 400.000 German households.