We have played a crucial role in the modernization and renovation of the Tyra Field.

The Tyra field is located off the coast of Denmark and has been a significant part of the North Sea’s energy infrastructure, processing more than 90% of the country’s natural gas for nearly 40 years. Due to its redevelopment, production and export from the field were temporarily closed in September 2019, but the modernized Tyra II production is expected to resume in 2023.

The two jackets designed by ISC Consulting Engineers and fabricated at Dragados Offshore were safely installed at the seabed at Tyra East in September 2020. The total weight of the two jackets and seabed anchoring piles adds up to 18400 tons. Whereas one of the jackets has carried the new accommodation topside since last month, the second one is still awaiting the arrival of the new processing topside from Batam, where it’s under construction.

In the future, both jackets will handle a collective topside load of approximately 22000 tons, not accounting for the connecting bridges.

Follow the redevelopment of the Tyra field here: Tyra 2.