Another bridge in a number of road and road bridges, projected by ISC in the newly developed city of Teglholmen, is about to be completed. On September 14, 2017, supervision was carried out on the road bridge, which is installed on the neighboring round of MAN Diesel & Turbo.

ISC has been tasked with projecting the bridge’s superstructure and substructure for total contractor CG Jensen A / S. The urban development at Teglholmen is in full swing, where residential buildings are interspersed between new burials. The road bridge becomes a transfer of the future Dieselvej, which spans over a not yet entirely dug canal race.

Here are the pictures from the inspection and there are also pictures from the assembly, of the bearing steel sections that took place earlier this year.

In addition to the design of the current road bridge north of Teglholmsgade, ISC in the same area has also planned a further road bridge and a stibro, which has not yet been installed. Both bridges span the same channel race.

In addition, ISC for CG Jensen A / S has projected 2 road bridges, 2 rows of rows and 2 rocker bridges south of Teglholmsgade, as well as 3 road bridges and 2 rows at Enghave Brygge.

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