ISC Consulting Engineers A/S was founded in 1967 by Kjeld Thomsen M.Sc. (Struct.Eng.) who at the time was an associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark, teaching bridge building and structural steel principles.

The Company is 100% owned by Ripaille Holding A/S, and is managed by Mr. Anders Thomsen, CEO, Civil Engineer. Below the financial figures for ISC Consulting Engineers A/S and Ripaille Holding A/S are presented.

The company’s head office is located in Copenhagen with branch offices in Esbjerg, Kalundborg, Kolding, Viborg, Aalborg, Aarhus and New Zealand.

Selected financial figures

Selected financial figures - Mill DKK 2019 2018 2017
Net revenue sales 218 224 217
Operating profit 16 26 26
Cash and cash equivalent investments 133 70 64
Equity end year ISC Consulting Engineers A/S 95 91 87
Equity end year Ripaille Holding A/S 484 476 474
Total assets ISC Consulting Engineers A/S 263 201 215
Avg. number of employees 228 235 234

CVR. no.: 26340713

Bank: Nordea
Corporate Center Copenhagen
Vesterbrogade 8
0900 København C

ISC has professional indemnity insurance with Topdanmark Insurance A/S. ISC has not yet made use of insurance policy.

ISC offers a wide range of services with application of advanced in-house computer facilities including but not limited to:

- Feasibility and concept studies including research, surveys and cost-benefit analysis.
- Design proposals and front-end engineering including project planning.
- Detailed engineering and design in the fields of civil, structural and geotechnical engineering.
- Detailed engineering and design in the fields of offshore, piping and instrumentation.
- Supervision and project management including commissioning.
- Quality assurance implementation.
- Environmental investigation and control.
- Operational services, including organization, management and training of operators.

The company’s objectives with regard to quality are:

- To maintain an inspiring environment, characterized by high technical, knowledge, which will attract and maintain skillful, committed and responsible employees.
- To support the employees’ technical development through planned and purposeful supplementary training.
- To attract interesting, technically demanding and special assignments within all disciplines, in order to develop the employees’ technical competence and accumulate knowledge and experience within the company.
- To maintain and develop the EDP system so that up-to-date and reliable tools are available.
- To solve the assignments in a purposeful, technically and economically sound way in agreement with the clients’ functional requirements and wishes.

ISC's main goal is to generate technically and environmentally acceptable solutions, which meet the clients' demands and keep up with the evolution and goals of society in general.

ISC aims to create the most favorable conditions for the employees to carry out the assignments-, by ensuring an inspiring work environment and up-to-date with the know-how through continuous professional development.

ISC has a profound and broad knowledge base anchored in a stable, well educated and motivated group of employees, all in the front regarding application of the most advanced computer technology.

Furthermore, ISC has accumulated experience from the design of exciting and challenging engineering jobs in more than 40 years in more than 65 countries.

ISC's original philosophy states that company expansion shall take place organically through know-how extension within the primary engineering activities. Regardless of size, it is a prime objective to be a leading company when it comes to application of advanced, well-proven technology and science.This is the solid base for ISC's assignments and activities worldwide.

An important objective in this respect is to secure challenging engineering assignments that inspire employees to participate in continuous professional development and acquire additional technical knowledge.