Process Engineering

Core Competences

  • Project planning and management
  • Concept design studies
  • Detailed Process Engineering
  • Process Installations
  • Risk assessments


  • Engineering consultancy
  • Technical customer support
  • On-site Support & surveys
  • Documentation

Process Design

  • Front-end process engineering design and studies,
  • Development of architectural process layouts,
  • Process certification design for authority approval,
  • Detailed process design for fabrication & installation,
  • Any detailed process calculation related to static or dynamic operations, pressure protection systems, process simulations etc.,
  • Preparation for functional safety and SIL assessment,
  • Interface coordination with other engineering disciplines, subcontractors and co-operating partners.

Process Simulations

  • Simulations of plant process and major utility systems providing essential data for mass and energy balances as well as piping and equipment sizing,
  • Process safety system modelling of emergency depressurisation systems and relief valve sizing,
  • Simulation of dynamic process response for High Integrity Protection Systems detailing requirements for safety systems’ response times,
  • Flare system modelling and design ensuring safe disposal of depressurization and relief flows,
  • Modelling can be performed using both UniSim and HYSYS process simulation tools.

Risk Assessment

  • Planning, preparation, hosting, chairing, facilitating, scripting and reporting of HAZID risk analysis / assessment,
  • Planning, preparation, hosting, chairing, facilitating, scripting and reporting of process HAZOP study,
  • Project specific safety philosophy,
  • Process hazard assessments,
  • Pipeline protection systems,
  • Risk identification of special operations,
  • Preparation for functional safety and SIL assessment,
  • Assessment of mechanical handling procedures.

Firewater Systems

  • Design of new firewater / deluge systems,
  • Hydraulic modelling and calculations,
  • Modification, re-evaluation and assessment of existing firewater systems,
  • Planning and performance of offshore deluge tests,
  • Offshore measurements to facilitate design modifications, adjustments and optimizations,
  • Troubleshooting in connection with deluge tests,
  • Update of firewater reports based on implemented projects.

Pump Systems

  • On-site troubleshooting,
  • Pump design / hydraulic calculations,
  • Dynamic simulations,
  • Piping / mechanical evaluations,
  • Process review,
  • Complete site review / As-built.