• Location: Belgian North Sea
  • Capacity: 165 MW
  • Installation: 2016
  • Topside Weight: 970 tons
  • Water Depth: 10 meters
  • Substructure: Monopile
  • Detailed Design: Topside
  • Client: Nobelwind/Bladt

Green energy for 186,000 households

The Blight Bank Phase 2 offshore wind farm is located in the Belgian North Sea, 45 km off the coast of Zeebrugge. The substation enables 165 MW of sustainable energy to be sent to shore, providing power for up to 186,000 households. 

General description of the project 

The Blight Bank Phase 2 topside is designed as a multi-story steel structure with five decks, including a cable deck for cable pulling and cable hang-off. A winch area is placed on the roof deck of the substation, allowing winching operations by helicopter.