From the first hesitant beginning in the middle of the 19th century with the railroads between Copenhagen and Roskilde and Elsinore respectively, the building of railways accelerated; and around the turn of the century and at the beginning of the 20th century the railways were numerous, and the plans for new sections were even more numerous.

Metro Phase 3

The East Amager Metro is the third and last phase of the original plan for the Copenhagen Metro and will be taken into service in 2007. Phase 3 includes a 4.1 km double-track railway running from the station Lergravsparken in the northern part of Amager to the Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup.


Ferry Ramps, Port of Trelleborg – Sweden

In connection with the expansion and upgrading of the harbour operations under the program, Vision 2005, a new ferry berth for the ferry operation between Sweden and Germany will be constructed. The new ferry berth includes new breakwater, dredging, quay walls, reclamation, pavements, ferry ramps and landing stages for vehicles and rail traffic. (more…)

Railway Bridges at Kopmannebro, Sweden

The Swedish Railway Authorities, Western Region (Banverket, Västre Region), have had two new bridges built on the rail line from Aamaal to Mellerud along the shore of the lake Vänern. The two new bridges replace the existing worn out bridges crossing the canals of Dalslands-Kanal and Gamla Segelleden respectively. (more…)

Enghave Station

The Copenhagen city rail is characterised by an intensive use every day by many people, to whom this connection is a necessary part of the daily transport to and from work – or just to and from the City.