Through the years ISC has gained comprehensive knowledge and much experience concerning all aspects regarding the planning, construction and operation of airports.


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Copenhagen Airport – Centralized Security Check

In 2006 it was decided to establish a new centralised security check at Copenhagen Airport. This to ensure both an increasedcapacity and more flexibility and providing a reduction of the waiting time for the passengers. This centralised security check is being placed in the old arrival terminal situated between the existing security checkpoints at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.


Heliport – Copenhagen Hospital

ISC was in 2004 engaged by Rigshospitalet (the Danish University Hospital in Copenhagen) to carry out a preliminary analysis followed by an environmental impact assessment and a detailed design for a permanent heliport to replace the provisional landing ground on the lawn in the public park, Faelledparken, adjacent to the hospital.


Helikopter Platform Bornholm Hospital

Heliport – Bornholm Hospital

To ensure the possibility of transferring trauma patients without unnecessary and possibly stressful reloading to ambulances, Bornholms Hospital has had a heliport installed with a joint unit for emergencies and a control room in direct connection with the hospital. (more…)

Billund Airport – Refurbishment

ISC was given the assignment of designing these refurbishments concerns the security area between land- and airside, cafés on the landside, kiosks on airside, the tax-free area, the passenger passing and extension of level 3 for shops and establishment of café and restaurant areas. (more…)

The Transit Hall Project – Copenhagen Airport

The Transit Hall Project was the first in a number of significant building projects which have resulted in Copenhagen Airport being one of the most attractive airports in Europe today. The Transit Hall Project expands the existing transit area with approximately 2,100 m2 and houses a rich variety of shops, including a large restaurant with an outstanding view to the apron with departing and arriving aircraft.


Cargo Center Kbh Lufthavn

Cargo Centre, Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport has always been the capital airport in Scandinavia regarding passengers travelling with SAS, as the by far largest operator of airplanes and handling agent for passengers, cargo and baggage.


Concourse D, Copenhagen Airport

Concourse D in Copenhagen Airport has been established as the first phase of the planned extension of the terminal area towards east. Concourse D is constructed in two levels to handle passengers to and from Schengen as well as Non-Schengen countries and includes six gates with lounges, check-in desks, rest rooms and service facilities etc. (more…)

Sterling Hangar

After a break of nearly 20 years, Copenhagen airport was in 1989 furnished with new hangar facilities. The new hangar was built for three Boeing 727 or three Boeing 757 or one Boeing 767 in combination with two B-727 or two B-757.