Wind Energy

ISC trådte ind i offshore vindbranchen med udvikling og design af en offshore substation til verdens første offshore vindmøllepark i 2003.

UK Project

The UK Project is to be situated 22km off the north-east coast of Scotland.  It is to have a production capacity of 950 MW. (more…)

Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm

ISC carries out the detailed design of the world’s biggest offshore substation Hornsea 2.


Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm will be located 32 km off the Lincolnshire coast and 50 km off the coast of North Norfolk. (more…)

Albatros Offshore wind farm

The Albatros OTM offshore wind farm is located in the German bight, 105km from the German coast. The offshore substation enables approximately 117MW of clean energy to be sent ashore.


Kriegers Flak

The Kriegers Flak A & B/E offshore wind farms are located in the Danish Baltic sea. Kriegers Flak A & B/E will generate up to 200/400 MW.


Rentel Offshore Wind Farm

Rentel NV is developing the 300 MW Rentel Offshore Wind Farm (REN) located on the Belgium Continental Shelf approximately 40 km from Oostende on the Belgium coast. STX France delivers the offshore substation. The offshore substation is delivered by STX France under an EPCI contract to Rentel NV. (more…)

The Nordsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm

The Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm is located in the German Bight, 35km from the Isle of Helgoland. The offshore substation enables 295MW of clean energy to be sent ashore and power up to 320,000 households.


Lillgrund Windpower Plant

Seven kilometers off the Swedish coast just south of the navigational passage of the Oresund Bridge is located Lillgrund, a shallow area ideal for placing a windmill farm consisting of 48 offshore turbines and a transformer platform. Vattenfall AB will be contractors on the project. (more…)

West Of Duddon Sands

ISC has for DONG Energy A/S og Scottish Power Renewables performed detailed design of the substation West of Duddon Sands´ topside and jacket. The substation contains 2 transformers with a total of 389 MW. The substation is situated in 19 m water depth in the eastern part of the Irish Sea.



ISC has carried out detailed design on the Northwind substation topside, which is to be placed in the Belgian North Sea. The substation has a capacity of 216 MW and weighs 1200 tonnes. The water depth is app. 20 m and the foundation is a monopile jacket.


Gode Wind 1

ISC har udført detailed desing af topside og jacket på Gode Wind I transformerplatform. Topsiden er placeret i tyske del af Nordsøen på en traditionel firbenet jacket på 30 m vand ca 40 km fra den tyske kyst. Transformerplatformen er på 332 MW.


Nordsee One

ISC has carried out the detailed design on the Nordsee one substation. The topside is placed on a traditional four-legged jacket in 28 m water approximately 47.3 km off the German coast. The substation has a capacity of 324 MW. (more…)

Walney I & II Wind power farm

The Walney 1 & 2 Offshore Wind Power Farms are located tin the UK part of the Irish Sea off the coast at Walney. The water depth of the location is 21 – 24 meters and the capacity of the two Wind Power Farms will be 367 MW with a possible increase.


Baltic Wind power farm

ISC A/S has carried out layout and detailed engineering for Ballast Nedam (NL) for the offshore substation substructure Baltic 1. The substructure consists of a monopile (diameter 4.3-5.5 m) driven 33 meters in to the seabed and a Transition piece (4.6-5.8 m) grouted onto the monopile.


Gunfleet Sands

For DONG Energy A/S, ISC Consulting Engineers A/S has been assigned to carry out detailed engineering for the topside and monopile substructure for the substation at Gunfleet Sands Offshore Windpower Farm. (more…)

Horns Rev 2 Vindmøllepark

ISC Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S har stået for projekteringen af transformerplatformen udbudsprojektet og beboelses platformen til Horns Rev 2 vindmøllepark. Horns Rev 2 vindmøllepark er placeret i den danske del af Nordsøen ca. 30 km ud fra Blåvandshuk, som er det vestligste punkt i Danmark.

Sandbank offshore wind farm

The Sandbank offshore wind farm is located in the German North Sea, 90km west of the island of Sylt. With 288 MW of output. The Sandbank topside is designed as a multi-story steel structure with five decks, including a cellar deck positioned on the top of the jacket structure for cable pulling and cable hang-off.


Borkum Riffgrund 2

The Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm will be located 38 km North of the German island of Borkum, adjacent to the existing Borkum Riffgrund 1. Borkum Riffgrund will have a final output of 450 MW.


Blight Bank Phase II

The Blight Bank Phase II offshore wind farm is located in the Belgian sector, 45km from the coast of Zeebrugge. The offshore substation enables 165MW of clean energy.


Princess Amalia Offshore Wind Farm

The Princess Amalia offshore wind farm is located in the Q7 block of the Dutch sector approximately 23 km from the Dutch coast. The offshore substation enables 120MW of clean energy to be sent ashore. The Princess Amalia topside is designed as a multi-story steel structure with five decks, including a cable deck for cable pulling and cable hang-off. (more…)

Nysted Offshore Wind Farm

The 72 offshore wind turbines are placed in a parallelogram consisting of eight rows of nine wind turbines each. Those closest to land are approximately 10 km from land. All wind turbines are alike, and they are painted in the same discrete marine grey colour.


Northwester 2

Bladt Industries has in cooperation with ISC Consulting Engineers A/S and Semco Maritime signed a contract with Northwester NV concerning the delivery of a complete and fully installed substation for the future Belgian project Northwester 2 Offshore Wind Farm.