The Topside of the Offshore substation of the wind farm EnBW Albatros was installed last night. The Heavy Lift Jack-Up Vessel (HLJV) Pacific Ospray had loaded the Topside in Rotterdam. In the construction area, the HLJV Innovation lifted the Topside on the foundation (monopile and transition piece) that had already been installed.

The Albatros OTM offshore wind farm is located in the German bight, 105km from the German coast. The offshore substation enables approximately 117MW of clean energy to be sent ashore.

The innovative Albatros substation (Siemens OTM) is developed by ISC for Siemens and is based upon two open deck structures with a containerized solution for control rooms, GIS and day crew rooms. The HV transformer and shunt reactors are placed outside on the top deck. The substation is supported on a monopile/TP.

This innovative substation by ISC and Siemens is based upon a minimalistic design approached with a reduced amount of axillary systems.

A winch area is placed on top of one of the containers allowing winching operations by a helicopter. The total weight of the topside structure is 792 tones.

Read more about the project here

Foto 1: Siemens / Foto 2,3 and 4: Geosea/ENBW

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