The mounting of the TP 30 – which is the name of the 512 meters long, two-tracked railway composite bridge, the first of its kind in Denmark, crossing the highway junction at Vallensbæk is now well progressed.

All the 26 steel bridge sections arrived on ship (19 bridge sections and 7 cross beams) at the former ferry harbour Korsør. 19 of the elements have been mounted over two weekends. It is exceptionally in Denmark that a large structure like this can be built with a minimal interference to the traffic flow, which has occurred here, compared to the more traditional way of motorway bridge construction.

The remaining 7 sections will be mounted according to the plan at the end of September 2015, without closing the motorway.

The floating crane Samson was used to unload the sections in Korsør, and the transportation from the harbour to the building site was conducted on multi-wheelers equipped with 25 axles each with 8 wheels.

In Vallensbæk the up to approximately 200 ton heavy sections were mounted by to two large mobile cranes (500t/400t), and with extreme precision, they placed the elements on the columns, previously prepared with mounting equipment and temporary retains.

Welding of the numerous joints is carried out from specially designed covered hinged platforms. Until now the mounting has been carried out according to the plan, and the motorways have been open to the traffic both times as planned.

The next phase is the casting of the concrete deck. The scaffolding for this is an advanced structure, resting on the box girder’s top flange. It is moved forward step by step up to 20 meters long castings. With a system like this, the casting 3700 m<sup>3</sup> concrete can be cast without any nuisance to the traffic on the motorway.

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