• Location: German Baltic Sea
  • Capacity: 48 MW
  • Installation: 2010
  • Topside Weight: 1100 tons
  • Water Depth: 18 meters
  • Substructure: Monopile
  • Detailed Design: TP/Monopile
  • Client: EnBw/Ballast Nedam

First Wind Farm in Germany 

Baltic 1 will be the first commercial wind farm in Germany. The wind farm is located in the Baltic Sea, approx—16 km north of the Dars- Zingst peninsula at 18 m water depth. The wind farm's capacity is expected to be 48.3 MW. Since ice loads must be expected in the Baltic Sea, an ice cone has been installed in concrete, which can cause the ice to break and slide off so that the monopile foundation is not exposed to unexpectedly large loads. The substation platform and the extra weight added by the ice cone have made it necessary to use a fail-safe assembly developed by ISC between the intermediate piece and the monopile.

This is designed with a conical overlap with density grout so that a possible failure will ensure that the steel cone will be clamped on the lower part of the pipe in case of a minor sinking. 

The substation platform rises 32 above the seabed. The monopile weighs 416 tons, the intermediate piece weighs 907 tons, and the ice cone weighs 537 tons. The weight of the entire substation platform is unknown, as the top side has not yet been designed. The substation platform is designed for two scenarios, meaning it can carry a top side of 900 tons or a top side of 1100 tons. 

Our involvement 

We have carried out the layout and detailed design of the transformer platform's foundation, the intermediate piece, all pipeworks, J-tubes, the boat landing, and the concrete ice cone. In addition, ISC has designed a sea transport retention and lifting device for the monopile and intermediate piece. 

We have also managed fire safety installations and prepared project approvals for certification by Germanisher Lloyd (GL Oil & Gas). 

The construction is approved and verified by the German Prüfer and GL Oil & Gas. The latest updated version of CATIA 3D software has been used for the design.