• Location: Holstebro, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2016
  • Client: Vejdirektoratet
  • Partners: Per Aarsleff A/S

Dalbro - Tvis Å

The valley bridge over Tvis Creek is designed as a twin bridge with 2 parallel continuous bridge spans of approx. 230 meters long over 8 courses.

The bridge decks are made of post-tensioned concrete with 6 identical middle sections of approx. 29.3 m and 2 end sections of approx. 23.5 m. The superstructures are made with a 13.5 m wide wing-shaped cross-section and carry 2 tracks of 3.75 m, an emergency track, and a curb.

It has a length of approx. 230 m, a clearance requirement of 6.0 m, and the bridge will be established as a "twin bridge" with 2 separate and parallel bridge decks in cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete. Each bridge deck is cast and post-tensioned in 2 sections. The area around Tvis Å is a nature-protected §3 area, which on a larger area of the construction site may neither be drained nor walked on. Almost similar to Odin's Bridge, Per Aarsleff has therefore developed a working bridge on steel piles over the stream and wetland.

For drainage reasons, the bridge is founded in sheet piles, which are excavated and poured under water. When the concrete "plug" has hardened, the pile is emptied of water, after which the permanent bridge foundations are made. After establishing an interim wall on the permanent foundations, the sheet pile is pulled before the wall casting, and the sets from this are equalized at the height of the walls.

Services provided by ISC

  • Detailed design in a turnkey contract for Per Aarsleff A/S of all bridge constructions, incl.:
    • Substructure
    • Foundation and drainage
    • Drainage and rainwater basins
  • Professional supervision in connection with the execution of the works.