• Location: Danish North Sea
  • Client: Maersk Oil

Halfdan BD

The Halfdan field in the Danish North Sea sector has been expanded with the platform Halfdan BD and the Halfdan B field has now been upgraded to manned operation with a control room. The expansion takes place in order to be able to handle a continuous extraction of oil reserves with an increased water content. 

The Halfdan B field is today supported by water injection with 250 bar of seawater, which keeps oil production up by flushing and stabilizing the reservoir. 

The Halfdan B field is equipped with two well platforms and a satellite well platform, where there is room for a total of 50 wells. 

Halfdan BD is equipped with process plants for separating oil, gas and water from the existing Halfdan B wells. The water is treated and purified and then sent to the sea. The gas is then compressed for gas lifting in the oil wells. In connection with the human-crewed operation and for safety reasons, large fire pumps and gas pressure relief system have been installed for burning gas in emergency situations, e.g. during the fire and gas detection situation. 

Halfdan BD consists of a 9,300 ton topside with three main decks supported by a 4-legged jacket. The new module is equipped with facilities to separate oil, gas and water when pumped up from the production wells. Furthermore, the water is purified before being pumped into the sea. 

The topside construction supports a flare boom with a peak height of 142 m above the water surface. Turbines have been installed on the platform that provides a total power supply of 21 MW for the operation of the process plant. 

The topside construction, together with three bridges, was manufactured at SMOE in Singapore and has been transported by a so- called heavy carrier via the Suez Canal to the North Sea. 

The 9,300 ton treatment platform was hoisted into place on the pre-installed, 4-legged jacket construction using the floating crane Thialf from Heerema. 

Design and manufacture of Halfdan BD has been a process of approx. two years.