• Location: Vallensbæk, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2016
  • Owner: Banedanmark
  • Partners: General contractor Barslund, CG Jensen I/S, Orbicon A/S, CORE Arkitekter A/S

Railway Bridge TP 30

The construction of a 512-meter-long railway bridge, TP 30, is part of Banedanmark's new high-speed railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted. It is one of the most impressive bridge structures on the new Copenhagen-Ringsted line, which, at 512 meters, is also the project's longest. The railway bridge stretches from the west of Vallensbæk Lake across the Holbæk motorway and its branch to Motorring 4 south of Winthersmindevej.

A particular complication in building this bridge is that it crosses the motorway junction at Vallensbæk at a very sharp angle, which reduces the possibility of establishing supports. The solution that has been found causes the least possible inconvenience and restrictions for traffic during the implementation phase on this heavily trafficked section, where thousands of motorists pass Store Vejleådal and close by Vallensbæk Lake every day.

The bridge girder has been chosen as a composite construction in steel and concrete. It is the first time that this principle has been chosen for an overland railway bridge in Denmark.

Services Provided by ISC

  • Overall consultant for general contractor Barslund & CG Jensen I/S
  • Design of steel and concrete structures
  • Design of foundations
  • Design of railway embankments and sheet pile walls
  • Planning of construction works and road construction
  • Project planning of drainage and dehumidification systems, etc.
  • Project planning in 3D
  • Project follow-up
  • Oversight

Additional Information

  • Total length 512 m
  • 19 sections with spans from 36 m to 21 m.
  • The width of the steel cross-section is 4 m in the lower flange and 5 m in the upper flange
  • The height of the steel cross-section varies from 2800 mm to 1680 mm
  • The width of the concrete slab is 15000 mm
  • Composite construction in steel and concrete
  • The TP30 bridge has received the construction award 2018