• Location: Danish Baltic Sea
  • Capacity: 166 MW
  • Installation: 2003
  • Topside Weight: 670 tonnes
  • Water Depth: 6-10 meters
  • Substructure: Concrete Gravity Base
  • Detailed Design: Topside
  • Client: Ørsted

The world's first offshore substation 

Nysted Offshore Wind Farm was one of the world's largest offshore wind farms when it was built in 2003. We were consulting on the project and designed the world's first topside substation. In addition, ISC handled the transport, lifting, and installation of the topside substation, which has a 69-meter tower. 

Nysted Offshore Wind Farm's total output is 165.6 MW with 72 offshore wind turbines, each with a maximum production of 2.3 MW. Each blade measures 41 m, and the tip of the blade reaches a height of 110 m at the apex. 

The platform is located on a standard wind turbine foundation of concrete (gravity). It is clad in stainless steel slats, providing wind shelter on the walkway and the visual effect. The platform contains high-voltage systems, low-voltage systems, a diesel generator, turbine control, and living space.

The platform is connected by land cable to the shore (132 kV) and to the transformer station at Radsted. 

The turbines were supplied by Bonus Energi A / S. The offshore wind farm itself is owned by a consortium consisting of Energi E2 (50%), DONG (30%), and Swedish Sydkraft (20%). 

SEAS Transmission owns the transformer station and the cable inland. The transformer platform consists of a steel module placed on a central column of the same diameter as the associated wind turbines.