• Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2020
  • Client: NRE Copenhagen A/S
  • Partners: G Jensen A/S (totalentreprenør), Mangor & Nagel (landskabsark.)

Pedestrian Bridge on Enghave Brygge

The facilities will be part of newly matured residential square areas, where the bridges connect the respective "square islands" over newly established canal courses.

The footbridge, built here in connection with the building "The Residence Copenhagen" on Enghave Brygge, is established as a natural part of the promenade around the housing blocks. The footbridge, which is 3.5 wide, spans 20 m over the canal course, with two longitudinal box profiles as the primary supporting edge beams.

The bridge is supported on reinforced elastomeric bearings, supported on a steel bearing shelf as an integral part of the channel pile. Behind the pile, rammed-down steel piles form the foundation of the bridge. The bridge is made with specially designed railings consisting of vertical plate scepters. The handrail is equipped with lighting, whereby the bridge deck is illuminated according to current requirements. The bridge is painted, and the bridge deck is clad with FSC-labeled azobé planks attached to the bridge structure with rust-proof board bolts.

Services Provided by ISC

  • Project proposal and preliminary project
  • Detailed design of bridge over and substructure
  • Authority project
  • Workshop drawings for steel and plank timber