• Location: København, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2010
  • Client: Copenhagen municipality
  • Partners: Hvidt & Mølgaard A/S

Teglværks Bridge

Overall, the wish of Copenhagen Municipality was that the Teglværks Bridge should create an attractive traffic connection between Sluseholmen and Teglholmen in the next several years. In terms of design, the bridge was to be a natural part of the architectural framework in Sluseholmen and Teglholmen and the maritime framework in Teglværksløbet. The bridge should thus contribute to and support these frameworks as a characterful element for the local area.

The folding bridge designed by ISC is designed with a variable height so that the free passage height in the folding compartment in the closed state is everywhere over 3 meters. The bridge has a total length of 97 m, and the spans for the bridges consist of 3 spans of 19.6 m, located around the flap span opening and two side spans of 19.1 m. The side spans are made as a continuous plate bridge in prestressed concrete. The folding beam span of 19.6 m gives a free passage width of 15 m.

The hatch construction is made with an unconventional, simple pylon construction connected with an anchor stay and a front stay for the flap. The anchor stay is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that, in the opening situation, pulls the hatch to the upper position via the connection to an inclined pylon above the supports of the one-through section and an inclined stay that extends over the center of the hatch.