• Location: Hørsholm, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2023
  • Owner: Hørsholm Municipality
  • Partners: GVL Entreprise og TNT Arkitekter


The Vallerød School in Hørsholm is facing an extensive renovation of the school's living rooms and corridors. After a building inspection in the summer of 2020, excessively high values of the harmful substance PCB were found. This means that the ceilings must be torn down, the floors peeled up, walls sealed, doors and windows replaced and joints removed before a new and efficient ventilation system is installed.

ISC, in collaboration with GVL-entreprise and TNT architects, will be responsible for the renovation and PCB remediation of the school so that the indoor climate is significantly improved and the municipality can once again invite students inside.

The advisor's role:

ISC performs all engineering tasks in connection with the renovation of Vallerød School, including construction, electricity, plumbing and ventilation.

In addition, we provide advice in the following phases:

  • Project proposal
  • Execution supervision
  • Professional supervision
  • Project follow-up