• Location: Viborg, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2018
  • Partners: Cubo Arkitekter, Møller & Grønborg A/S, Dansk Energimanagement, Esbensen A/S, Frie Jernbane Konsulenter, Niras

Viborg Gymnasium Mercantec

In Viborg Baneby, the new Gymnasium and Banebro was two independent projects, each with its own client, though closely related in terms of design and execution. To ensure a complete project, a joint design contest was carried out by Viborg Gymnasium, Mercantec and Realdania. 

The floor area of the gymnasium is approx. 13.000 m2. Parking areas were established at the lower level of the construction. The The gymnasium is expected to have approx. 1200 students and 130 employees. 

Role of consultants: 

  • Structural design 
  • Tender/contracting 
  • Technical oversight 
  • Coordination of safety 
  • Construction management