• Location: Detailed Conceptual Design
  • Installation: 2023
  • Client: RWE

Detailed Conceptual Design

ISC joined forces with RWE to develop a detailed conceptual design for a commercial-scale offshore hydrogen production platform.

The platform uses electrolysis of water for hydrogen production and is powered by renewable electricity from surrounding wind farms. 

The primary objectives of the collaboration

• Create a thorough conceptual blueprint for the electrolysis process and take advantage of the benefits of scaling up

• Assess various Balance of Plant (BOP) technologies and layouts to minimize the environmental impact

• Size and estimate costs for the process equipment, power train, and power electronics

• Engineer a 3D detailed conceptual design for the production platform’s process, piping, electrical, and structural elements

• Evaluate the technical and economical viability of the design

• Identify possible technical, operational, and supply chain difficulties and risks

• Establish an Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) project timeline and budget

 The results highlight the potential of offshore hydrogen production on commercial scale.