We Consult in All Phases of the Project

We provide independent consulting directly to wind farm owners, developers, and EPCI contractors. Our key competencies in substation design lie in our ability to carry out all necessary tasks associated with a substation design. This spans all phases from FEED/concept design through detailed design, documents for tender, assistance during fabrication, installation, and commissioning, as well as subsequent phases such as supervision and follow-up.

Our team of engineers has unique specialist knowledge in the design, development, and execution of offshore substations. This knowledge is based on the designs of 50 successful and well-executed substations located in large marine areas globally.

Thus, our advisers have solid experience working with clients from all over the world. The best results are achieved when the client, business partners, and our multidisciplinary team of engineers collaborate.

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Our Fingerprint on more than 50% of the Market
- Including the World’s Largest Offshore Substation

Our engineers’ unique competencies and expertise in the design of the main elements in offshore wind farms make us a preferred consultant in offshore wind energy worldwide.

This has resulted in us taking a leading role in the market with a market share of 50+ detailed designs of manufactured HVAC offshore substations. For example, we have prepared detailed designs of the offshore substation and RCS for the world’s largest HVAC offshore wind farm – Hornsea ll.

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