• Location: Danish Baltic Sea
  • Capacity: 600 MW
  • Installation: 2018
  • Client: Energinet

World's first offshore wind farm that connects two countries' wind farms 

Kriegers Flak A & BE/E are two offshore wind farms located in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea. When the wind farms are fully commissioned, they are expected to be able to generate 600 MW, which is equivalent to the consumption of power of approximately 600.000 households. Thus, combining the two constitutes the largest wind farm in Denmark and Scandinavia. 

Biggest offshore wind farm in Scandinavia

The substations are located in a water depth of 20 and 16 meters, and the topsides are supported by an innovative and new type of gravity base substructure developed by ISC combined with a so-called TP type of transition between the topside and GBS. The substructure accommodates 8/13 J-tubes for ar-ray cables and 2/2 J-tubes for export cables. 

The topsides of the two substations at Kriegers Flak are designed as a multi-story combined bracing and stressed skin-type steel structure with five decks, including a cellar deck positioned on the top of the jacket structure for cable pulling and cable hang-off. A helicopter deck is placed on each substation, allowing for helicopter access.