Floating Substations

New Opportunities in New Waters

We have a concept ready for floating substations for offshore wind farms.

It is based on decades of experience with offshore platforms and the design of more than 54 substations worldwide.

The design of our floating substation fits the shape of a 3-column stabilized substructure; all known technologies (combined in a new packaging).

We Have a Reliable, Efficient and Scalable Design

We have a reliable, cost-effective and scalable concept for a floating substation for offshore wind farms.
We are ready to assist clients in their maturation, development and construction phase of floating offshore wind projects.

Floating wind turbine technology is generally well known in the market, while floating substations are still in the maturing phase of the market. We are ready to take the next step and drive the innovation forward, as we have previously done with offshore wind and HVAC substations.

Pioneering Offshore Wind

As pioneers in offshore wind, we designed the world's first offshore substation for an offshore wind farm in 2003. Since then, we have provided detailed design for more than 50 offshore substations, including the world's largest HVAC substation, Hornsea 2.

With 50+ substations, we are the market leader with the experience and knowledge to create cost-effective, safe, and sustainable solutions.

In short: We are ready to lead the way with floating substations based on solid experience from 20 years in the industry.