• Location: The Irish Sea
  • Capacity: 183 MW/183 MW
  • Installation: 2010/2011
  • Topside Weight: 1000 tonnes
  • Water Depth: 21/24 meters
  • Substructure: Jacket
  • Detailed Design: Topside & Jacket
  • Client: Ørsted A/S

Walney 1 & 2

In the first phase, 51 offshore wind turbines will be installed, and when the entire wind farm is finished, there will be 102 turbines, making the Walney Wind Farm one of the largest in the world in its time.

The transformer platforms are closed units with two transformers located centrally in a partially open area. All the electrical installations, workshops, and other installations are located inside. 

The four-legged jackets rise 43 and 45 m above the seabed and are traditional x-shaped grid-braced constructions. The piles are connected to the jacket via pipe sleeves and are driven 50 m into the seabed. The top 3 m is soft mud and has necessitated laying 3-4 m high mud mats on the seabed during installation. The top side alone weighs 1250 tonnes.

Services provided by ISC

ISC carried out all disciplines, including layout, offers, tender documentation, and detailed design, including electrical, HVAC, and security installations. We have also designed sea transport and lifting fittings for both jackets and topsides and certification documents for DNV verification. 

ISC has prepared the technical details in the tender material, detailed design, and supervision of the offshore transformer platform's topside and jacket.