• Location: US East Coast
  • Capacity: 2,6 GW
  • Installation: Expected 2026
  • Topside Weight: 4000 tonnes
  • Water Depth: 25-28 meters
  • Substructure: Jacket
  • Detailed Design: Topside & Jacket
  • Client: Dominion Energy

Largest offshore wind farm in the US 

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project will be able to generate sustainable energy for up to 660.000 households in Virginia, US.  Moreover, the project will become the largest offshore wind farm in the US.

The wind farm is located 43 kilometers off the coast of  Virginia Beach and will consist of 176 wind turbines and three substations to deliver the power to shore. 

Full Detailed Design 

We have carried out the full detailed design for the three offshore substations. The substations each have a capacity of 880 MW. Combined, they will have a capacity of 2.6 GW. 

The biggest project of its kind in the US 

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project is the biggest of its kind in the US, with an investment of around 9.8 billion dollars. The wind farm is expected to be fully operational in 2026. 

ISC is partnering with Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime to execute this project. 

The owner of the offshore wind farm is Dominion Energy. 

Follow the project here: Coastal Wind