• Location: Billund, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2012
  • Client: Billund airport authorities
  • Partners: RUM architects A/S

Billund Airport

The cafe area on the land side has been moved to existing premises, which required a major intervention in the existing load-bearing structures, i.e. fasteners and tires. Airside level 2 has been extended to make room for the kiosk -  existing lifts and stairs have been removed and rebuilt elsewhere.

The entire tax-free area has been expanded and made more flexible by all installations being carried out flat in the deck - which has required several interventions in the existing load-bearing structures. On level 3, space has been made for special shops by expanding it with a 120 m2 repo, and a new large dining area has been established with restaurants, sandwich bars, and cafes. New shops have been established under the landing and on all the other landings.

ISC has been responsible for all engineering advice concerning the conversion and has detailed the design and tendered the supporting structures. In addition, construction supervision and follow-up have been carried out.