• Location: Danish North Sea
  • Building Year: 2014
  • Client: Maersk Oil
  • Partners: Bladt Industries A/S, Semco Maritime A/S

Tyra Southeast B Platform

In the summer of 2014, the Tyra Southeast B platform was installed on the 4-legged jacket as a bridge-connected satellite platform next to the Tyra Southeast A platform. 

The installation of the Tyra Southeast B platform and bridge will maintain and increase production from the Tyra Southeast reservoir, as well as create future opportunities for oil and gas extraction from the Nana reservoir. Production is managed via pipelines to the 

Tyra complex, where further processing and export of oil and gas to land is carried out. 

The Tyra Southeast B platform consists of a 4-legged jacket structure, which is pile-based on approx. 40 meters water depth. The Tyra Southeast field is remotely monitored and remotely controlled from the Tyra East field by the operator Maersk Oil. Tyra Southeast is located 11 km from Tyra East. 

The new platform contains space for 16 new production wells, 4 production manifolds, test facilities/separators, facilities for importing lift gas, and a whole range of auxiliary systems. The new 60 meter pipe bridge between platforms A and B contains access road and process equipment, which will maintain and optimize production from platform A. 

The topside, jacket and tube bridge are designed by ISC in collaboration with Semco Maritime A/S. The platform is manufactured in Denmark at Bladt Industries A/S in Aalborg. 

Jacket of 2000 tons, topside of 1100 tons, 12 piles of 1700 tons, and the bridge of 200 tons were transported to the site on a barge and lifted into place in the summer of 2014 by floating crane from Herema. 

Tyra Southeast B platform and pipe bridge has taken almost two years to design, construct and manufacture. 

The project's history concerns a Front End Engineering Design project (FEED), which was started by ISC Esbjerg in 2006 and further developed as a design concept in 2011. This was followed by the engineering design of the pipe bridge and jacket at ISC's offices in Copenhagen. 

After completing the FEED project, the entire project was tendered in an EPC contract in 2012. The EPC contract was won by Bladt Industries A/S, after which further design, manufacture and construction could be initiated at the yard in Aalborg. 

ISC has carried out the Engineering disciplines within steel design, process design, mechanical design, pipe design, ventilation, as well as fire and safety. The design was made in a collaboration between ISC's offices in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Kolding and Viborg.