• Location: Hillerød, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2022
  • Client: M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme A/S
  • Partners: Pihl & Søn A/S, JMC Steel Group ApS


ISC has, in close cooperation with JMC Steel Group ApS, as a subcontractor to the general contractor Pihl & Søn A/S, handled the design of the Frederiksbroen over Herredsvejen in Hillerød. Frederiksbroen, a combined bicycle and pedestrian bridge in steel, was established in connection with the construction of the Frederiksbro quarter, a new district close to Hillerød's city center.

Frederiksbroen has a length of 300 m and consists of 2 partial bridges, separated approximately in the middle by an interlocked expansion joint, ensuring expansion with simultaneous force transfer between the two bridge parts. The bridge, which is 5 m wide, has a varying longitudinal profile, with straight sections with a constant longitudinal gradient and a curved course over Herredsvejen, just as the bridge in the horizontal plane has straight and curved sections. The bridge drains transversely, by transverse drops in the bridge deck, into gutters on both sides of the bridge. The longitudinal gradient of the bridge ensures drainage of the gutters for the joint transitions at the bridge ends.

The bridge cross-section is designed as a closed torsionally rigid box girder with orthotropic bridge deck plate construction. The bridge is supported on spherical sliding bearings, on clamped steel columns in a module varying from 13.8 m to 17.3 m, and at the bridge ends, mat joints ensure a close connection with the adjacent abutments. The bridge is made with specially designed railings consisting of vertical plate scepters, and the handrail is equipped with LED lighting, illuminating the bridge deck. The bridge box is painted, and the bridge deck is covered with plastic coating.

Services Provided by ISC

  • Project proposal for the steel bridge and pillars
  • Detailed design of steel bridges and columns
  • Lifting and assembly project for the steel bridge
  • Workshop drawings for the production of the steel bridge in the workshop