• Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Building Year: 2020
  • Partners: 5E Byg A/S, CREO Architects

Nordfløjen Rigshospitalet

The Capital Region of Denmark is implementing an extensive plan of redevelopment of Rigshospitalet, in order to adapt to future requirements and needs. Among others, the plan involved the construction of the new building "Nordfløjen". 

The construction of "Nordfløjen" consisted of 2 phases. The total building mass consists of approx. 56.000 m2 (phase 1), and 10.500 m2 (phase 2). 

The present phase 2, consists of a basement and 7 floors. 

We were responsible for the supporting structures classified as impact class CC3+, including construction responsibility. Additionally, we handled all techincal installations. The building is comprised by office facilities for clinics and research, the outpatient department of the Neurocenter, clinical trial units and laboratories. 

The design and execution took place between 2018-2020.