Renewable Energy

Thoroughness and pioneering for more than 55 years

We at ISC have always taken pride in doing things properly and thoroughly. Simultaneously we are pushing the boundaries of engineering. One does not exclude the other. Within renewable energy, it is crucial that you dare to and can innovate – we insist on pushing further.
ISC leads the way and insists on challenging and moving the notions of what is possible.

Power-to-x (PtX) and green hydrogen are on the way forward, and we are at the forefront. The same applies to developments in floating wind. We do this based on decades of experience with offshore wind energy within substations and foundations.

ISC has been a pioneer in offshore substations for two decades, with more than 50 detailed designs of substations on 3 continents, the world’s largest offshore substation, and the world’s first offshore substation built in our backyard in the Baltic Sea in 2003.

It is, therefore, given that we at ISC are involved in developing green hydrogen and floating wind.

Offshore Pioneers – The World’s First Offshore Substation

We developed and designed the world’s first substation for an offshore wind farm in 2003: Nysted Offshore Wind Farm in the Baltic Sea.

That marked the beginning of almost 20 years with ISC as a leading consultant on offshore projects in renewable energy. Projects that have contributed to pushing the boundaries of what one manages today when it comes to utilizing the enormous amount of renewable energy that is found in offshore winds. We believe that we can make even better use of offshore winds to accelerate the sustainable conversion of our energy consumption and reduce our common climate footprint.

Since the construction of Nysted Offshore Wind Farm, ISC has been a pioneer in developing and innovating solutions in renewable energy. This has made us the market leader in offshore wind substations. We are committed to finding the solutions for the future and better utilizing renewable energy sources – including green hydrogen.


50+ Offshore Substations in Europe, Asia & USA

We have consulted clients in Europe, Asia, and the United States on the design of more than 50 offshore substations and a host of projects related to offshore wind turbine foundations.

As an industry leader, we have solid experience and an impressive catalog of successfully executed projects. We are ready to help our clients on their future offshore growth journeys. We consult on the complete, detailed design of offshore substations and wind turbine foundations.

In collaboration with our clients and partners, we always strive to find the best and most effective solution that balances CAPEX and OPEX for our clients.